akiin is a free

new way to discover relevant information, prices & people like you

without searching or going out of your way

Imagine getting recommendations from people like you about what you love around you.

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Discovery Feed your personalized recommendations


for or think of finds you on your feed
Explore news and shopping recommendations from friends, kin and the akiin community and discover information that you want but did not articulate.


and searchable by location, topic and tag.
Delve deeper into a topic on the related links panel


Kindom a network of people like you

Discover kin, a new kind of friend

Kin are likeminded and interesting strangers and friends.
Sometimes your kindred spirits are people beyond your friendship circle. Discover kin you share common and obscure interests with without searching or defining yourself in surveys.

Expand your horizons

Explore content shared by kin from around the corner and around the world and discover relevant information that you might not have thought of or articulated.

Are your friends you kin? Find out

As you rate + bookmark links and pages your kindom auto-populates with kin you know and those you don’t know. Find out which of your current friends are you kin and what their kinship level is.


Bookmarks simplified and auto-organized

akiin automatically categorizes

tags and dates your bookmarks and recommendations making them searchable by tags, time and popularity.
GO DEEPER into topics on the related links panel.


Control the privacy of one or all your bookmarks at anytime.Tag,classify, date or edit your bookmarks to personalize or to help improve the service.


Freshness at a glance: Color coded clock-tags overlaid on bookmarks and recommendations intuitively signal links and webpages age at a glance. Please help edit content"s date if our engine or other users have assigned an invalid or empty date.
Trust at a glance: Kinship icons help you gauge the relevance or importance of recommendations based on the recommender"s relationship to you.


Get Realtime Recommendations
as you browse without searching

Get real-time information and user comments relevant to the link or page in your current view without searching or leaving your navigation path.

One signpost click delivers topical information while you are still on-page or on-link without the need for keyword articulation.

Get Realtime Recommendations

Get Shopping Information
as you browse without searching

Get real-time price comparisons and user reviews relevant to the shopping-link or shopping-page in your current view without searching or leaving your navigation path.

Compare prices from different sellers with one-signpost-click while you are still on the product-page or on the product-link.

Get Shopping Information

Faster Browsing & Content Discovery

Save time and effort in information search with akiin’s color-coded Signpost icons. They are collective bookmarks that indicate trending links and pages already rated and commented on by other users.

Over 40% of webpage navigation is link following; our link-signposts act as information scent beacons guiding you to trending content at a glance. Click signposts to get recommendations and user reviews in place.

“By overlaying signposts on pages and links we effectively transform the web into a giant interactive and participatory "book" where akiin users easily find relevant information highlighted with signpost and conveniently read/write private notes and public comments without leaving their navigation path.”

Faster Browsing & Content Discovery

Effortlessly Bookmark+Rate
Links & Pages

In a single click navigate + rate/bookmark known or descriptive links and pages with akiin’s browser extension.

To make your feedback and navigation experience faster and easier this patent pending tool reduces the multiple actions of providing feedback and navigation into one effort; this flexible extension enables you to rate/bookmark granular information like links or entire pages.

All bookmarks are considered ratings, you can choose to love, like or dislike any link or page you are interested in.

Effortlessly Bookmark+Rate Links & Pages

Social Browsing
comment & review insitu

Conveniently write and place private notes and public comments on any links and webpages (except on https: akiin is turned off on https sites).

Read relevant comments placed on links and pages in your current view by friends, kin and akiin community members.

Make your comments private, public or available to specific groups only.

Easily share content and comments using akiin or other sharing services integrated into akiin like Email, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Social Browsing


We take your privacy very seriously.

akiin Extension allows for an incognito mode; you may comment anonymously, rate using your pseudonym (username) or real name.

Easily control who you share information with; Share with select groups or nobody.

Positive behavior is rewarded with quality recommendations while negative behavior like trolling is discouraged and attracts penalties.

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